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Recycle India’s main aim is to inspire and advocate people to take action and reduce the waste from daily lives by maximum recycling and lowered waste produce. We have joined together to help you figure out how you can reduce waste and find local recycling centres. Dispose any item by finding better options and resources around

So fret not, and let’s make the earth a better place to live in by disposing and recycling. Start now and make each item count. Let’s pledge to take action now and make India a clean, green and a beautiful place to live in. Our passion and awareness can create a better future for our loved ones. Recycle more things, more often

About APD


Anti-Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which was founded on 2nd October 2014 to coincide with the Swachh Bharath initiative launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. APD is driven to work towards achieving clean sanitized environment and unpolluted air for the citizens and works closely with various Government and Private agencies across the country.


The APD Foundation was set up in view of the fact that there is an apparent awareness, information and data deficit amongst the citizens of our country regarding environmental issues. Our key instruments towards obtaining our objective would be through holistic information, data sharing & advocacy campaign where we sensitise our people about the ill effects of pollution and drive the citizenry towards taking a more involved role in sustainable and responsible living.


APD aims to wake the conscience of people both the citizens and officials, by emphasising the problem in hand, connecting and aggregating professionals from different fields to address the crisis, meeting officials to capture and fill the gaps in the system, producing actionable data and proof regarding the health impact and levels of air pollution and additionally working towards innovative solutions to achieve clean air


RECYCLEINDIA.ORG is a division of the Smart Swachha Mangaluru initiative by APD Foundation. The intent of setting up a website is for it to be a portal for dissemination of holistic information and therefore a natural step towards ensuring the sustainability of adopting waste segregation at source by individuals or organizations. In addition to this, the digitisation process will enable making them more interactive, accessible and easily updatable.

Smart Swachh Mangaluru

SSM is a programme to achieve segregation at source, a keystone in enabling success of Mangaluru’s ISWM system. SSM integrates a conversion strategy along with APD’s ongoing city-wide IEC campaign to influence behaviour change. The program comprises of a set of targeted campaigns, seminars, workshops and training programmes to infuse the minds of city dwellers with the Smart Swachh Mangaluru dream. The principle objectives of SSM is to lay out a road map for waste generators in order to achieve zero – waste practices, and capacity building for waste workers, waste auditing, public sensitization and consultation of issues at stake, current constraints and exploring other avenues.

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