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Recycling is very important for our environment today. It helps reduce the pollution caused by waste. Though it is hard to believe but people do recycle in their homes today. Instead of throwing plastic bottles, papers, glass, etc. try to save it in a place where it is kept dry. They don’t decompose and hence they can be reused. Like this, they are not thrown and the challenge of decomposing them is not faced. Just like they say, charity begins at home, begin recycling at home, it works.
Recycling is important because it helps protect the environment. Recycling reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing raw materials. Such processes create pollution and to curb them we need to recycle so that it reduces green house gas emissions, this can also affect the climate.
Plastic bottles, cereal boxes, phone books, magazines, newspaper, cardboards, tin, aluminum foils, wine bottles, etc. are items that can be recycled. It increases the consumption of these items and less amount of waste is accumulated. This helps in working on those items which can be decomposed faster and safely. Site Link
Recyclable items are sorted and then sent to process or recycle. Waste pickers in India are the largest driving force behind recycling, they are the ones who sort through trash and segregate recyclable items. Recyclable items like plastic and metal, are used for composting. If not then these items are sold to a recycler. Unfortunately, India has become somewhat dependent on this group doing their part to remove recyclable materials from the waste stream.
Please contact Mangaluru City Corporation helpline number 0824-2220306 and lodge the complaint. You can also reach out to your area corporator and ask him to do the needful.
You can select from the list of items given Here
Yes. Segregation of waste is compulsory. Disposing of waste on roadside and public spaces is prohibited and punishable with a fine of Rs.100 to Rs.5000 under section 431(A) of KMC act 1976
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